Winzest consulting undertakes independent governance reviews to help organisations to improve their performance in accordance with the expectations of their key stakeholders including ensuring regulatory compliance.

Good governance is essential for effective organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. Although the elements underpinning good governance may differ across sectors, the degree of commonality is greater than the differences. Boards, trustees and other ‘governing bodies’ share an important responsibility to ensure that their respective organisations deliver positive and sustainable value for and on behalf of their key stakeholders.

In particular, it is recognised good practice across all sectors that boards, trustees and other governing bodies should regularly review the effectiveness of their governance arrangements, and use the findings to improve organisational performance.

We help organisations to strengthen their governance arrangements and to provide their key stakeholders with greater confidence. We can help you to cost effectively assess the effectiveness of your current governance arrangements and to identify opportunities for improvement including ensuring the delivery of better services and that decisions are transparent and are informed and reflect the views and needs of customers and other key stakeholders.