Winzest consulting undertakes board appointment reviews to provide boards with independent assurance that their appointments are in accordance with good practice and aligned with their diversity objectives.

Promoting board diversity is not solely a lever for better financial outcomes but increasingly the right thing to do. Winzest consulting undertakes independent board appointments reviews to help boards to improve their board diversity and enhance representation in alignment with the key stakeholders.

We can help boards to monitor and evaluate the board appointments process to satisfy themselves that the hiring process is working satisfactorily and effectively particularly to achieve their diversity outcomes.

Winzest consulting offers boards the opportunity to gain an independent perspective ahead of making hiring decisions. We offer an independent panel member to act as a confidential and safe sounding board to join interview panels to enhance the objectivity of the selection process.

Winzest consulting undertakes board appointments reviews with sensitivity and objectivity to establish the current situation and to identify opportunities for improvement in alignment with the board’s strategic objectives. Our approach is to make recommendations for improvement, building on existing good practice in the organisation.

We can help organisations to strengthen their board appointments arrangements and to provide their key stakeholders with greater confidence.