Accessibility Policy


Winzest consulting is committed to making their website accessible to all users and our accessibility statement highlights our approach to this, and outlines help for making our website even more accessible.

Page Layout

• The website has been designed using a easy to read colour scheme with adequate white space.
• Non-serif font has been used for easier readability
• The website has been designed without the use of tables and the layout is based on a stylesheet.

Making images accessible

• All pictures have an alternative text description

Writing for web

• We are committed to plain and simple language and our content is broken down into manageable paragraphs with descriptive sub headings where relevant
• We have used lists where appropriate
• All links have titles
• We have avoided the use of ‘capitals’ within paragraphs.

Text size

The size of text can easily be resized and our stylesheets allow for text resizing using the View – Text Size option in the browser toolbar.
To increase font size across all browser, the following can be applied:
• Ctrl + for windows users
• Cmd + for Mac users