Risk and Compliance

We help legal firms to adopt a proactive approach to risk and compliance and to leverage it for competitive advantage including reviewing and developing a risk and compliance strategy/plan that is aligned to the business strategy. By adopting a proactive approach to risk and compliance, we can help you maximise the competitive and strategic opportunities.

We support you to quickly assess your existing arrangements and provide tailored solutions that are appropriate for your firm and key stakeholders including the regulators. We can support you to improve the efficiency of the compliance process and reposition and embed risk and compliance as an integral part of your daily operations in order to ensure that the benefits exceed the cost of compliance activities.

We assist you to minimise the risk of negative outcomes arising from proposed and/or action taken (including regulatory visits and inspections) by your regulator.

We can provide independent assurance of your risk and compliance arrangements (including an annual certificate of compliance) through our compliance effectiveness reviews to enhance confidence of your customers including institutional purchasers and other key stakeholders such as your regulators.

We provide coaching support for the senior leaders with allocated risk and compliance responsibilities (COLP, COFA and other relevant Managers) to address and manage the stress, worry and weight of personal responsibility normally associated with such roles.

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