Working in large organisations has a number of challenges including office politics, excessive level of bureaucracy and slow decision-making. However, one major benefit that they have in comparison with small and medium organisations is the potential opportunity for their leaders to bounce ideas and issues with a diversity of colleagues.

The opportunity to lead people in an organisation of any size to achieve noble strategic objectives is a tremendous privilege. However, leadership roles tend to be quite lonely and making tough decisions that make the leader unpopular is not always enjoyable.

Leaders are constantly wrestling with the challenges of leading their organisations and teams in fast changing operating environments and making difficult decisions is increasingly common, which exacerbates the loneliness experienced by leaders particularly in small and medium organisations.

There are times when faced with complex and ethical decisions, that the opportunity to bounce ideas with an objective sounding board not only facilitates a better outcome but also helps to reduce the stress associated with such decisions.

Winzest consulting offers leaders the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective ahead of making tough decisions. We offer a confidential and safe sounding board for leaders to share issues and ideas before making difficult decisions.

We aim to work with leaders to make ethical decisions that minimise harm to their organisations, stakeholders and customers.

We help leaders to make tough decisions by providing an external objective perspective in order to gain clarity and the opportunity to discuss difficult issues, test ideas in an open and unfiltered way, and thereby build their confidence to make better decisions.

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