Independent Complaints Review

Winzest consulting undertakes independent reviews of complaints to help organisations to demonstrate their strong commitment to treating their customers fairly particularly with regard to complaints handling. We provide organisations with peace of mind that their proposed decision following an internal complaints investigation is the best possible outcome for the customer.

Handling complaints fairly is essential for effective organisations particularly in the increasing transition to a connection economy underpinned by social media.

We help organisations to strengthen their complaint handling arrangements and to provide their key stakeholders with greater confidence. We can help you to cost effectively assess the effectiveness of your current arrangements and to identify opportunities for improvement.

We can provide reassurance to organisations that are unsure about the appropriateness of their internal adjudication of complaints particular on complex complaints and/or complaints from vulnerable customers. We review the provisional decisions following the internal investigation of a complaint to determine whether it was handled appropriately and whether the decision is reasonable.

We can help you to reduce the overall costs of complaints handling by avoiding unnecessary referrals to the Legal Ombudsman and duplication by staff through our Independent Complaints Review service. We can also assist you to avoid the stress on staff and your customers arising from protracted complaints.

For more information, please contact us to discuss an appropriate service package for your organisation.