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Leading Change Effectively -Infographic

The different views from a range of leaders at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos may not have led to global consensus on the key issues but they reinforced the increasing scale and pace of change faced by businesses particularly the cocktail of volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Leading...Read More »

Mind the Gap: Unconscious Bias

It was an honour to speak at the TM Group conference on ‘Driving and Adapting to Change’ in London in April 2015 and subsequently at some of the regional seminars that concluded on 29 October 2015. One of the key highlights arising from my presentation titled ‘Attracting and Retaining...Read More »

Customer documentation: Eat with your eyes first

A common phrase used by TV chefs is “we eat with our eyes first”. This phrase is usually used to reinforce the importance of presenting the contents on the plate in an appealing and enticing way notwithstanding that the food may be nutritional and tasty.

It seems to me that the...Read More »

5 Signs that Business Leaders may have Abdicated Responsibility for Risk and Compliance

The delegation of risk and compliance responsibilities to nominated officers in legal firms is designed to ensure appropriate organizational focus on regulatory compliance and to enhance accountability for the reasonable and specific discharge of all relevant risk and compliance deliverables. However, whilst the system of delegation was not designed to...Read More »

In spite of the weather

It was wonderful to be invited to the TM Group Golf event last week and I was looking forward to having fun utilising my raw golf skills (clearly an overstatement). However, the anticipation for the event was dampened on the day when it became evident that it was going to...Read More »

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