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Setting profitable fixed fees through value based pricing - Whitepaper

A guide to better pricing

The use of fixed fees is increasing in many industry sectors including professional services. Although it is commonplace in a variety of sectors, there remains an ongoing question about its appropriateness to make businesses more sustainable. The rationale for fixed fees relative to hourly billing with...Read More »

Developing a better customer service culture - Whitepaper

A guide to treating customers fairly

Encouraging firms to deliver great customer service may be obvious advice. However, the ongoing feedback and complaints from consumers in a variety of industry sectors seems to indicate that firms still have a lot to learn in order to improve their customer service.

A key challenge...Read More »

Meaningless Meetings: Stop the Pain

The anguish in the voice of an attendee as he stated ‘…. another meaningless meeting….  ‘ after a meeting...Read More »

Executive pay: Avoid paying more than is necessary

A supporting principle of the UK Corporate Governance Code with regard to executive pay stipulates that boards (through remuneration committees) should avoid paying more than is necessary. While on the face of it, this principle seems relatively straightforward, it appears that some organisations in practice find it challenging judging by...Read More »

Merger of Equals: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block

It struck recently me that press releases on proposed mergers usually slip in the phrase ‘a merger of equals’. It seems to me that the use of that phrase is perhaps intended to avoid any negative associations with regard to the proposed merger or to avoid the impression that one...Read More »

Arrogance: Check your Culture

The recent publication by the Law Society of the summary of multiple failings that contributed to the demise of the Veyo project as reported in Legal Futures is commendable. Whilst the full report has not been released due to commercial sensitivity, the fact that an external review was undertaken...Read More »

Building a better talent gym

The next item on the agenda was the strategic risk register which signalled that the board meeting was close to completion. The shuffling of papers by some board members was another indicator that the preparation for departure had already commenced which was unsurprising as the discussion with regard to this...Read More »

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